What’s a pass?

It’s an electronic ticket to Post-Office. Passes aren’t tied to specific locations, so you’re free to move about the city at will.

How do you share a pass?

In the Passes section, go to the Share Passes tab. Enter the names, email addresses, or phone numbers of people you want to share with. If you’re inviting them to a specific location, indicate that as well – otherwise they’re free to enjoy any Post-Office they desire. That’s it. They’ll receive a swanky electronic pass via email or text with all the info they need.

Someone shared a pass with me? Now what?

Sweet. You can access your pass directly from the link in your email or text. ‍‍‍Either way, all you have to do is click on the pass and show ‍‍‍it at the front desk to get in.  Are you meeting at a specific location? That info should be on your pass – and more details will be available on the app. If not, you’re welcome to visit any of our locations.

Do I have to book or reserve space before coming in?

Nope – not unless you want a specific space held for you – like conference rooms, reserved desks, or dedicated collaboration spaces. Any area that isn’t pre-booked is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you find yourself spontaneously in the area and in the mood, feel free to drop in.

What’s the pricing structure?‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Why don’t you offer a membership option?

If you wanted to be tied down or pay for space when you’re not there, you might as well work in a regular office. All Post-Office people need is a place to land and freedom to do their thing. As far as we’re concerned, anything else is just in the way.

What if I want a membership?

Sorry. We don’t swing that way.

How do I book a room?

In the Bookings section, fill out the type of space you want, the time you want it for, and at which Post-Office. At that point you’ll get a confirmation of the price and availability of the space. To accept the booking, you’ll need to join Post-Office, so that we’ll know who to save the space for.  One more thing: Anyone you invite to meet with you in this room will need a day pass.

Why do I have to have an account to book rooms?

Because we need to know who you are in order to save the room for you. Duh. And, no worries, it’s free to join and doesn’t commit you to anything.

What’s a conference room cost?

It’s $10 per hour, plus the day passes for each attendee. This is actually a sweet deal compared to other options. Let’s say, just for example, that you want to meet for four hours with four people:

Post-Office                   $10/hour   +    4 day passes at $15 each   =    $100

Roam                             $40/hour                                                                  $160

Liquid Space                 $45/hour                                                                  $180

And – because we don’t require membership – your guests will be treated just like anyone else. They can use their day passes freely without being confined to “non-member” spaces. Cheaper and nicer. Boom.

Where are you located?

We’re constantly growing – so check out our locations page for the latest.

Are you affiliated with the USPS?

Umm, no. But it’s kind of fun to see people’s reactions when you say you’re going to the Post-Office. If you’re really interested, though, here are some thoughts about life‍‍‍ in a post-office world.

What are your amenities?

More than just fruit water and wi-fi! We have that – and all-day coffee, multifunction printers, wireless connectivity for AV, and special features at each location.

What’s this I hear about pop up cowork?

Yep. From time to time, we pop up in unexpected places. Got an idea for where we can pop up next? Let us know!




So why limit yourself? Post-Office is the coworking lifestyle designed for pioneers, startups, career adventurists, and digital nomads who thrive on flexibility.



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